what happened

I’m up before dawn, 45 minutes later I’m outside. The Sun hadn’t risen yet but it’s ghostly dark shadow had. I had a specific goal in mind as I’m a real stinker when it comes to low light photography. I set the ISO to 3000 which is super high for me. Because I use AV mode the shutter rose just above 1/500 I’m merely OK with that. The reason is my intent was to capture images of flying birds; a recipe for disaster. I set the light meter to +2 making it overexpose the images.

Over-exposed exactly as I planned, finally one worked. The next step was to edit it in Lightroom, things began to move Southward soon.

This is what I did to it and for the life of me I am unable to make it any better. So I figured it must be the lighting I’ll do another, not like I don’t have the time.

I have chosen this poor Hawk I am forever pursuing. This is what my goal was, it was still fairly dark when this was shot. It definitely turned night to day, but just a taste too much I’m afraid.

I ended up with this image after editing, I’m unable to darken the background. I took on another that had better results.

This Cormorant was in what I believe is from a slightly different angle towards the still delinquent daylight. But that’s still light and from the looks of it the camera picked up every flashlight for 50 miles around.

Better but still no blue ribbon is awarded. It tells me over exposure during the early morning or dusk works, it’s a tool I’m sure I’ll use. However there is going to be a learning curve for me, a bit of research (YouTube) and a lot of experimenting around. I expect there will be a disconnect between how light it is versus how much to compensate for it in the White Balance. I have visions of pictures being deleted by the tens of thousands until I just stop trying to take low light photographs.

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