Sometimes wind is good often not so much as luck has it the wind is in full stride today, it and the painter kept me indoors. I don’t like it when I am not able to have coffee on the deck, I think I’ve spoiled myself.

I took 50 photos at 3:00pm this afternoon but with a 27mph wind my efforts were fruitless. Earlier I took pictures of a Squirrel running around the Pecan Trees. I was hoping to get a chance to catch an image of the new borns in her nest. Disappearing into the nest I didn’t see her again. I took the pictures through a big window, I have some thoughts about that.

Even though the window appeared to be clean it most likely wasn’t spotless. I had my 400mm lens on which leads me to believe perhaps the dust on the window was magnified. Most of the pictures were out of focus so I may be correct.

The image above was taken this past Monday, I performed an experiment with this guy. He was motionless for a very long time perhaps over an hour. I decided to take picture of him at varying ISO’s to determine where I experience the most background noise. I won’t get into it in this blog but my point is I cut off the Herons legs in every one of them. I did the same thing when I took a picture of a Great White Egret in an absolutely perfect spot for an image. I cut its legs off.

I ordered a new lens last night, the company I bought the used one from returned my money which in turn burned a hole in my pocket. I purchased the Sigma 150-600mm after much deliberation as to the better value Tamron or Sigma. They are so very close it was hard to decide. I bought it in a bundle deal on Amazon, normally I don’t but for $100 more it included two cards, a set of lens filters and the Sigma tap-in console. I would have purchased those items at some point at any rate, after checking each item out it ends up being a good deal. Now if I can reach out 900 yards it will be great.

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