Covid 2, me 0

I began writing this blog for publication Monday April 5, 2021. I had to stop writing it 1/2 way through due to the sudden beginning of reactions to the second C-19 vaccine I had last Wednesday. It began by affecting my eyesight, I began to see double, setting my laptop aside I made the decision to stop writing. This morning I awoke with a full blown reaction, I was not able to walk, stand or eat. By 3pm I remained ill, as I am now, but at least the pain throughout my body has gotten much better and I can see in mono again. I am riddled with severe Arthritis (Rheumatoid, Poly, Osteo-Arthritis)which in turn makes my reactions more severe than people who are not similarly afflicted.

I have an advantage in a huge bucket of prescription medication I take each day, some are powerful enough to deal with extreme pain Brought on by attacks on my immune system which C-19 is. So to make a long story short; I’m lucky.

Early this morning I was met with two flocks of Canadians that engaged in a big melee, I took several hundred photos. I am quite pleased with the results I had the opportunity to record images of several species.

This photo was taken early Sunday morning just as the Sun was on the rise, the Canadian was against the wind. Pounding it’s wings slowly barely making way against the 20mph gale. Taking pictures in the wind has it’s advantages, most water birds land into the wind. That eliminates a bit of guesswork helping to predict where the bird will land aiding in where to set up equipment. However the male in the photo above was obviously making an attempt to appear larger.

I was fortunate to have the chance to capture one of my favorite animals the small Green Heron. They are a challenge to capture in flight when they are perched conditions must be correct. The lighting has to be directly upon them or it will appear to deflect without illuminating their colors.

This bird remained for a several seconds, just long enough for me to take a few pictures. They are out all day long, very active flying up and down the slough. They are a challenge to catch while flying, I have deleted many photos of blurry dark streaks across the page.

Hopefully I will be back to my normal 30% full operating capacity, but it looks like I’ll be restricted in my activities at least a bit. Mrs. Lebec is in charge of my schedule when I’m not feeling or doing well. We do that because once I’m ill making decisions is not my forte. Or anyones for that as far as that goes. We cannot make rational decisions when we are faced with life threatening or changing illnesses. We all have this idea of invincibility, which we are not. Many men have died due to making their own decisions during life threatening events don’t let it happen to you, let someone else make the decisions.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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