I’m still messing around.

At four this afternoon I spied a Canadian Honker across the slough, I picked up my camera to get a few shots. 130 later I was back in the house preparing to open the editor (Lightroom) and take a look. At this opportunity the camera was left on the settings I used at 9 this morning, ISO 100, shutter 1/100 and f-6.3.

It was quite a distance, approximately 100 yards, I’m beginning to know better than to attempt a shot. When I first spied him I though it may be a new pipe set in the Levee amongst the rocks. I cropped this photo almost to the point of making it unusable which is easy to do. I’m mixed on the ISO 100, I’ve set it that low a few times, after each I wasn’t as impressed by it as I am when it is set at 640.

The Quail were shot at ISO 320, shutter 1/800, the detail from my perspective it is better than ISO 100 and 640 beats 320, however it’s all relevant to the ambient conditions.

The camera was set to ISO 800, shutter 1/640 and f-6.3 around the same time of day as the Canadian was taken one day earlier for the picture above. The ISO 100 worked alright, but because the shutter is set automatically by the camera all of the setting normally work out. I’m discovering more that most of my issues are from a lack of experience on my part.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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