The critters aren’t on my schedule.

I don’t like daylight savings time, ever since I was a small kid it didn’t make sense to me. Worse than that it makes time fly away at what seems to be twice the speed of normal. It’s fruitless to make any attempt working with it because it catches one by surprise. It is easy to lose track of time, as today out in the yard it is bright daylight at 5pm.

As long as I don’t use a watch for time I am alright, but the minute I begin to attempt to time the activity of the critters I am in trouble. I did it this morning, I was watching for the flocks according to my watch and was an hour late. Geese it turns out do not organize their day on my schedule, none of the other animals do as well.

That’s good to know, or even better to realize. There are times the animals repeat their activities on a regular schedule for a few days or even weeks. It’s normally just long enough for me to expect it to be a permanent schedule. Suddenly the pattern stops one day leaving not a trace of the Otters, Ducks or other animals involved.

It’s easy for me to forget there is no schedule, isn’t that one of the downfalls of being human? As a photographer we desire things to happen that it turns into an expectation that is sure to be disappointing. I expect an animal to appear from behind the far side Levee at any moment, because it has happened numerous times prior. I find myself keeping a watchful eye for a Kite, Heron or Coyote to pop its head over the stones. Why? because it’s happened before, it’s not logical for me to think that way because the Hummingbirds are tearing the joint apart at my feet.

That is the message of this blog, “go with the flow.” Pushing things to happen in our minds are an exercise in futility.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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