the tide, the wind.

Every day the Tide comes in, the Tide flows out, when living close by it becomes part of our lives. Next to a Tide influenced area the residents develop a certain lingo to it often making comments “it was during a King Tide” or something like it. The Tide is predictable, many apps are available making it easy to know when it is incoming, ebb or outgoing. It’s extremely important for us to know the Tides. Incoming are the best times for giving birth, outgoing the best time to die. I shall die on the outgoing tide.

Not so with the Wind, she is a fickle master constantly threatening but not always coming through as predicted. One day the breeze is at 50 mph with forecasts to continue for a few days or weeks. Upon wakening the following morning the wind will either show itself or not; the Tide is coming in.

I am the wind, I predicted my blog would be written 5 days a week. One of them is and has been for the past 5 years, this second one however is a bit more arbitrary. The wind did not blow yesterday; neither did this blog for the past 3-4 days. I have been working on “Live View” and the back button on my camera.

The pictures came out pretty good for my first go-round with it. I admit the ISO was set very high for me 1250, I hesitated to go that high. What convinced me was reading a blog by a pro-photographer to not hesitate raising the ISO to astronomical heights. It worked out alright I’ll be the last to admit.

Then there’s the Cormorants, the poor creatures look like a ball of black goo in a photo of them flying. Not only that in a well taken photo they actually look like a gob of goo. I am about to toss the towel in on these guy’s, I will keep up with the attempts until I get a real good one. This image is still one of the best of a Cormorant I have, and much better in live view.

The small Snowy Egret did well under the grey clouded sky. They also came out better using Live View, it makes me wonder what the difference could possibly be. It’s easier to focus in Live View, the green box is easier to see and the camera’s picture is not tiny as I suspected it would be. I like that the camera’s settings are displayed on the cameras screen while it is working.

I did take a photo of the Blue Jay’s, he’s a bit hard to see against the grey background.

Back to the blog; The histogram is displayed while the small image is shown then with a full screen it disappears. One should resist deleting images after seeing them on the camera’s screen. I have found they look much better in editing on a laptop than in camera.

I’m the Wind, this blog may be written again tomorrow. But the Tide we can rely on to be on time.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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