a few good pics

All was not lost, I managed to save a few photos from the 600mm lens I’m returning to the vendor. It focused well up to 50 feet or so, past that it gradually blurred until at 150 yards the subject was not recognizable.

It appears the Green Heron had a hard night, after all it is mating season. The image is a bit soft although this bird was 50 feet away. I used single point focus right on the eye, in spite of my shaking arms there is no blurring. I vastly prefer using a try-pod, I have gotten fairly good with it. I have a pole type camera holder I have never used, I don’t know if I want to learn any more stuff.

The Green Heron is in the same spot he took a different position, handing me an opportunity. This photo came out alright as well, but it just isn’t as sharp as it should be. I wasn’t aware so many issues can affect focusing. I don’t know what would cause the lack of color, I cleaned the lens spotlessly. I suspect the contacts between the lens and the camera are dirty or corrupted, it’s not difficult to clean them. However I am returning the lens, I will purchase a new one this time.

This picture convinced me to buy another Tamron as it is the first image of a Cormorant that has come out well enough to post.

The photo of the Robin did not have too much convincing power however it is also 50 feet away and ended up OK. It is barely blog worthy, if it were taken with my 400mm it would have been much better. The 600mm will perform as well when I have one that is in good working order.

I received a reply from the vendor, as I suspected they are very co-operative and will work with me. This will not dissuade me from using them again; however I will perform a bit more due diligence prior to purchasing a used widget next time.

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