We’re gearing up for a one day rain fall to pay a visit to our area, the critters know it; they stay nested up all day. Well a lot of them did but I still had plenty of opportunities to mess around with camera settings. I used ISO 640 all day today, with f-6.3 and the shutter speed was variable. It ended up being pretty good.

Although a bit out of focus the Cormorant in the picture above is alive with the small bit of color they employ. It was across the slough against the levee on the far side flying fast as a rocket. The camera settings appear to be set just right, shutter speed was 1/800 fast enough to stop the wings.

Shutter speed of 1/4000 was used on this shot, I like the detail and the fact I had very minimal editing. That was the case with all of the pictures I took this morning. As is usual for me I am not able to resist taking pictures of the Seagulls, I credit them with helping me to understand this camera.

What would my day be like if a Green Heron didn’t show up, a good variety of critters is just what I needed to exercise these settings. I’m not dissatisfied with the image above, if the colors were a bit brighter the picture would show better.

The Mallards arrived early this morning, this image was produced using the same basic settings ISO 640, f-6.3 and 1/4000 shutter. I like that the settings are able to stop the wings.

It’s not all jelly rolls though, the background noise although not on the extreme end I will avoid using ISO 640. Tomorrow I will start early in the morning with ISO 500, I’m confident the noise will be at a reduced level. I will investigate other ways to control the noise, I’ll work on it a few more days. I now have a good handle on the ISO settings, next I will work on holding the camera with a zoom lens on it.

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