it takes practice; lots of it.

I rode my scooter about 5 miles today taking advantage of the nice weather. A change is on the way, our false Spring is just about over; March will leave as a Lion.

All of the posted images in this blog were shot with an ISO 400, F-6.3 and variable shutter. I used the large auto focus grid with 45 focus points, changing to single point auto focus as needed for stationary subjects. The image above was taken late this afternoon while the bird was 8 feet in front of my scooter.

Where as this Dove was taken about an hour earlier and is the second I have been able to make. The same camera settings were used, the only difference is tracking it through the air. The image is a bit out of focus, but it remains useful in my blogs.

The Starling was taken late afternoon as well, the low setting Sun brought out all of the colors in his plumage. Using the same settings I was 30 feet away from it using my 100-400mm lens set to single shot auto focus mode. I’m beginning to believe the pros are correct, low ISO with a wide aperture.

I’m pretty much sold on the low ISO as evidenced once again by this shot of the Turkey. The camera captures the brilliant colors but it’s not possible if it’s not set correctly. However an expensive camera will not help a soul if the photographer doesn’t understand it. It pays to take ones time to discover the capabilities of it and what each function is as well as what it does. Some people purchase high dollar gear, after not taking the time to study it they blame the equipment for poor quality. It takes practice, lots of it.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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