900 pictures yesterday

A lot of critters visited the slough Tuesday. Some like the Pelicans are worthy of many images only because they rarely show up on this side of the Island. I was able to capture 900 images keeping 10% = 90, that is my normal reject rate.

I was unable to have a photo session this morning because I was fortunate to be able to receive the C-19 Vaccine.

Tuesday I set the ISO at 500, I’m gradually accepting the advice of the pros that a lower ISO along with the f-stop set low will produce desired results. My quest is to achieve detailed photos where each feather or hair stands alone.

The Green Heron in this image is a good example it was shot as were all those shown today at ISO 500. The aperture was f 6.3, the lowest my Tamron 100-400mm is capable of at 400mm. That’s low enough, I get the hazy background, good detail and I’m able to take good bird in flight shot. My camera (Canon T8i) sets the shutter speed, yeh I know for more creativity shoot manual focus only. I’ll write a blog on why not to in a few weeks.

I took some incredibly detailed photos at ISO-500, I will continue for a few days then lower it to the next ISO. I believe it will be around ISO 450. Focus and tracking remains a challenge but with practice it will gradually improve. The lower the ISO along with a wide aperture the camera will adjust the shutter accordingly. A higher ISO of 800 and above will present a setting for the sensor to gather more light faster. With a high ISO and low f-stop (wider aperture) the shutter speed will be fast, the camera figures out what the end results are. My point is that is how to set the camera to capture birds in flight stopping their wings.

Such is true for the camera settings to catch a Dove in flight, they flap their wings fast. My attempts to capture an image have mostly been in vain until Tuesday I caught this one flying directly towards me. I must mention a large part of succeeding in this photo was using the large focus grid center priority. It has many focus points, but to take a stationary image it must be re-set to single point focus. If not the subject will be irreparably out of focus.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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