I’m lagging.

I noticed an issue with my focusing after I began using back button focus. Why it would make a difference I haven’t a clue, I dought it has anything to do with the button. I believe it may have something to do with having more focus time enabling me to see it. While following a bird in flight the focus squares are consistently either above, below, behind or in front of the subject.

Many of my images are just a small bit out of focus, as the Geese above it’s not drastic however but it is noticeable. There could be one of two reasons or both as far as that’s concerned. The lens may be out of focus, or the old man may be too dad blamed shaky.

I just had to toss in this photo of that feral Cat I seem to be so interested in as of late. Back to the focus issue, is there a remedy for it? I believe there is so I purchased all of the stuff to test it out. I bought a device by the name of the Tamron Tap in Console. It is a Calibration tool connected to the website then screwed on the camera end of the lens; it updates the software into the lens. After the new updated specs are loaded the lens will be recognized by the Camera and the correct parameters will be used.

There is another step to take which takes considerably more time and effort. There is a target gizmo to be set up on a second trip-pod at a height matching the Camera’s. The computer program will designate what distance from the camera it has to be set-up. For a 100-400mm zoom lens it may be 4 spots, 25′, 50′, 75′ and 100′. The images are displayed and depending upon where the blurs start and end adjustments are to be made. Upon completion the lens is updated and calibrated to enable a person to take crystal clear images.

Two good discoveries in my world this week, back button focus and large grid mode for the focus points. After I take delivery of all of the technical “stuff” I will be able to know acurately if it is me or the lens. I have two lenses to calibrate a 100-400mm Tamron I purchased new. I recently purchased a Tamron 150-600mm used zoom lens. It’s one thing to go the inexpensive route and quite another to assume everything will be good with it. My goal is to be certain of the condition of the used lens. However the new lens is the one with the immediate problem, it will be a bit of fun.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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