back button.

I have read a lot about using the “back button” focus on the camera. I have decided to begin working with it, so I began this morning. I must say for a first experience I’m quite impressed with it, I took all of my photos this morning using that technique.

I have noticed an issue I have which has been exposed with use of the back button. My focus red squares on the camera display are consistently either in front of, in back of or below/above the subject. It may be an indication of my lens in need of calibration or I am not steady enough with the camera.

I have a Tamron 100-400mm lens I use every day, I decided to purchase all of the stuff I will need to check it. Tamron has a device named the “Tap in Console”.. It screws on the camera end of the lens, then connects via USB to a computer with the calibration web site loaded.

The program updates the software in the lens, and allows calibration for focus of the lens. It’s a quite lengthy business, I have not done it yet. After watching tutorials on YouTube I at least understand what it is suppose to do; I have yet to learn how to accomplish it.

All of the photos were taken this morning with use of the back button. I must say this may be one of the fastest habits I have ever picked up; it’s just as handy as the videos say.

Calibration of the lens to the camera will be interesting, like I said it’s either the lens out of focus or my being a bit too jerky unstable.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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