focus or tracking?

I have decided to use the largest focus pattern, it goes against what several professional photographers mention in their blogs. Using the large pattern center focus priority makes it easier for me to track a bird in flight.

This is the picture that made me decide to use that mode as a go-to first choice. I am not able to identify it, but it may be some species of Falcon. My focus was a bit off, just enough to make it a border line save. If I had of used the large pattern with it’s ability to follow the subject the image most likely would have been clearer.

The Honkers are in the same boat, very close to being focused but just a bit off. They are OK for blogs but not for much else, the clutter in the background is not desirable either. But focus would not help that, it’s merely one of the obstacles that are faced when taking pictures in the that direction. Bad tracking is the fly in the ointment causing them to be a bit blurred.

If I were to stick with relatively slow moving or stationary subjects the results would be better. Half of the fun of photography is learning new techniques and improvement of ones skills. I ramble on a lot about focus, but this blog is really about skill. Keeping a steady posture, taking time to place the center point on the animal then completing the photo with the shutter is the skill I need to improve upon. That’s why I practice on SeaGulls.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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