I wrote my other blog yesterday; this one was not due to a low level emergency of sorts. Our refrigerator stopped working, everything in the freezer melted. Inside the fridge was a balmy 70ºf, I spent the evening looking for a new one that could be delivered within a reasonable time frame. It took me all evening while Mrs. Lebec worked in the kitchen with numerous ice chests. Other than that I continued work on discovering where background noise is at a minimum.

The image of the Egret was taken with the ISO set at 600. I had reduced it from 800 as that setting displays noise bad enough to notice. From my perspective 800 and greater are high ISO’s, I rarely go above 1000. ISO 600 is a bit more manageable easily sensitive enough for good detail, I shoot primarily in Aperture priority mode.

This Egret image was shot at ISO 400, the color seems to be a bit more robust. The detail is not lacking as well, I’m beginning to take to heart the suggestion a professional photographer stated in his blog to use the lowest ISO the conditions will allow.

This small bird was photographed with an ISO setting of 500, the background noise was at a minimum. I’m happy with the detail, and the overall quality.

The Blue Jay was shot yesterday with ISO 400, I like it as well, the background noise was not an issue. My eyes are opening up, this was shot in full sun 9:00am. The shadows were still long but did not interfere with the image.

The image above was captured with the ISO 300, this may be the most desirable setting. It had zero background noise, the detail is very good, and the color is great. ISO 300 is sensitive enough to capture detail and works good in low light situations. It is definitely an early morning setting with a wide aperture and a fairly fast shutter of 1/1000. The aperture lets in plenty of light, the ISO gathers all it can causing the shutter speed to adjust accordingly. My camera is much better setting the correct shutter speed than I ever will be. Yeh, OK the camera is smarter than I am, but then so is most of the new electronic devices I use.

Jacque Lebec Flutter Shutter

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