a few nice pictures.

I have been occupied taking photos of anything that walked, crawled or swam past me. I set the camera and sprung into action.

I set my camera ISO 500, F-6.3 shutter 1/4000 but more importantly I used the large multi-point focus mode. The large slow birds are fairly easy to follow in the air, the smaller ones not so much.

It’s always focus for me, which surprised me when I was able to focus the small bird above with the large multi-point setting. The detail is very good and I’m happy with the composition as well.

Focus is important; in order to do so I concentrate on following the subject before taking the image which takes patience. An informal checklist is in order, spot the bird, begin to follow it early, press the shutter 1/2 way, focus then enact the shutter on 7 frames per second. Using the fast mode practically guarantees at least one will be workable, plus there is a good chance of catching an interesting wing motion.

As with most things in life volume is part of the solution, I take several hundred images with the expectation of keeping 1/10th of them. For me that is the ratio I shoot, perhaps it will become better with time. If it doesn’t that’s OK with me, the less editing I do the better things are.

My goal now is to reduce the background noise that is produced with an ISO 800 and above setting. Although at 500 I had some but it was not drastic, I edited it out.

The local critters are busy during this false spring nest building for those with mates and for those without searching for one. The new borns will be out and beginning around April 1st then continuing for the month. I have yet to see fledglings so far this year.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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