mallards with geese go figure.

Little black blobs far off in the horizon will remain little black blobs after the shutter is opened and closed. No matter how many shots are taken they remain too far off to have a chance of being just OK. After taking and deleting 250 photos this morning, my lack of patience was the dominating factor. I am anxious to capture good detailed photos of the Geese.

The flock was twice the size displayed above, from this distance each one is normally blurred however at times I am granted a bit of luck. This morning it was granted however it needed a bit of cropping, a lot of cropping.

I gleaned a pair of Mallards from the flock, they were not in the picture previous to this. My initial thought when I saw them was those are not Geese, how correct I was.

A male in fine form, how it retained as much detail as it did surprised me as much as finding them in amongst the flock. They nearly always travel with their mates, at times there will be three traveling together as I observed last Spring.

The Female was leading the way, she is as the male in fairly good focus, blog quality. They were too far away for me to expect this good of quality especially after cropping drastically. I’m at a loss to how they came out OK.

The image above is one I attempted to rescue from the trash bin, it is barely blog quality. It suffers from my self inflicted malady of turning pictures into plastic looking replicas. They remain distinguishable from Ducks which should make them happy anyway.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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