hawks on poles not allowed.

I made a decision to not take any more pictures of Red Tailed Hawks perching on telephone/utility poles. I deleted all of those I had, dealing with the lines was too much of a distraction. One problem with them is the viewers eye (mine) went straight to the lines, and they are everywhere.

Some remain as this one in my WordPress gallery, I will leave them for use in future blogs. However in the image my eye is directed to the insulators which are nearly the same size as the Hawk.

This is a photo from last fall, I don’t care for the background but the image of the Hawk is good. I had rescued this Hawk two years ago when it ran into a glass windbreak on the porch. He landed next to me a month ago pausing for a few seconds before flying off. Aside from all of that this is a pleasant photo to view.

It takes a bit more work to capture them away from the poles but the resulting images are worth it. This is a large female Red Tailed Hawk I had chased a long way. It finally landed in this tree which was on the shoulder of the road but difficult to get an angle that was clear. She flew off shortly after I took this image, I attempted to take multiple shots of her in flight but I need a bit more practice.

She flew to another tree on the shoulder of the road near my home. She is at ease on this huge limb and perched there for a good while. That gave me a chance to record her from numerous angles.

The downside is which is shared with those I took of her on a pole is always being below the subject. At times they make interesting photos, as this one glaring down upon me in a show of dominance. I always focus on the eye when possible, but when the Sun is high in the sky the shadows will hide them; this one is barely visible.

There is at times a photo that will stand out as this does. Its the same Hawk, she flew from the photos above to this Cypress Tree. Moments later she became unsteady and began to teeter.

So no more pole sitters unless it is an irresistible opportunity catching the Hawk in an interesting position. I have found myself nearly obsessed with Hawks of all species. I have several images of them flying however I need to practice. My goal is once again to take pictures not in need of editing, I aim for detailed pictures of Hawks, practice, practice, practice.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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