cropping squirrels.

Pretty interesting title if you’re not a photographer, I suppose it’s interesting if you are as well. I took all of these pictures last year on November 9, 2020 which explains the green leaves on the trees. Yes, the Trees around here drop their leaves at the end of November into the first of December. A number of the images are of them in the Trees, the one in the photos is a Fig Tree.

The image above is one of those that begs to be cropped due to how busy and full the entire frame is. In hindsight it would have been preferable to zoom in closer however I was using my 18-135mm lens. It’s a great lens from my perspective and worked well for this overall, but it has to be cropped to declutter the image.

Above is the result of cropping the original making it much easier to view. In the original I found my eye wandering all over the frame attempting to figure out what I am looking at. It definitely is not an image for competition.

A slight crop was made to the image above as well however that was made to eliminate an unsightly feature on the right hand now out of view. It’s a successful crop as I lost no detail but again it is not competition quality; but it’s certainly excellent for a blog.

In my opinion this image does not need to be trimmed as my attention is directed at the Squirrel. Perhaps it’s due to the open area behind him, it and the sparse leaves direct my eye to the Squirrel.

Images such as this tell a story with no editing what’s so ever. I still had my 135mm lens on the camera and the animal was a bit closer to me which makes a huge difference. Even though it was closer by 5 feet or less the resulting image is quite remarkable in comparison.

As most other places in the country Squirrels are everywhere, these are Red Squirrels. They are mean ruthless enemies of the bigger Gray Squirrels which are rare on our Island. I have witnessed a few battles between them, the Grays never win unless they flood the trees with their clan. When encountered with a larger number the Grays take over and the Reds vacate the trees. However that’s the only way the Reds can be defeated at the hands of the defending Reds.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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