so it continues

Not much goes on between rain squalls, a few of the critters are out and about but not in the numbers during warm bright days. Overcast sky is good for photography, I am able to be on the West side of the house while the sun is shielded with clouds. I was watching an event unfold coming down the river with the wind, I occupied myself taking photos of small birds.

My intended goal was to retrieve them from the camera suitable for no editing. I believe I accomplished that goal, I however did enhance the details a bit. Nothing was done to the coloring, no cropping was used as well except for one photo.

I was able to “keep” 44 pictures from a total of 150, I took a lot of pictures. Many of those I deleted were of flying birds at a fair distance making them unusable. I took them to practice following them. The small birds all came out well, F 6.3 with an ISO of 624. I test the focus by enlarging the picture, if the detail remains I declare it a good image to not edit.

Natural colors are the best for photos, when focused correctly with the correct camera settings they will turn out accurate. There is however one more issue, no blurring. With a fast shutter speed that risk is limited, when shooting with a trim-pod the risk is eliminated. I have begun to hand hold the camera with my 150-400mm lens on it. I was quite concerned about not being able to hold the camera steady enough to eliminate blurring but my fears were soon put to rest. I now take pictures from my trip-pod as well as hand holding with the same results. In fact hand holding is a bit better due to convenience and dexterity.

I am quite pleased with the outcome of this mornings session even though it was a bit drizzly and cool. I don’t do weather any longer, I spent too many days and nights over the past 50 years in every type of weather imaginable. Skunk-puppy and I are indoor weather avoiders. I am so dedicated to it my new camera is not weather resistant; a conscience decision.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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