so many bad photos and so little time.

I took a lot of pictures this morning then added to them later this afternoon. I took a bunch of Crow images, then deleted all of them. I have so many of them they must be exceptional shots to keep. I have decided to make a few changes the first is I am done taking pictures of birds on telephone poles.

Hawks love perching on them, I can’t blame them it appears comfortable up there while affording them a good view. The good view part is what makes them tough, get too close and off they fly. But I’m stopping mostly because I only want to take natural shots now, I’m so tired of electric utility lines being in so many of my pictures. Another change is I’m only giving top rating (5 stars) to images that need no editing, good out of the camera.

The image above is un-edited although I cropped it because it was too cluttered to the left of the bird. Most of the images I took did not need editing this morning, partly because I am more discriminant in editing. If the photo is even a small bit out of focus I am not going to attempt saving it. That is an exercise in futility.

A case in point is the picture of the Coot above. It is slightly out of focus, I attempted to save it well enough to use in my blogs. That it is, but just barely, not only that but the colors are off for my taste. I will delete these when I take better ones which should be fairly soon.

The trick is to take large numbers of photos keeping only the best. As with the Seagull above I did no editing on it or any of the others I took of them. As a matter of fact I deleted some that were perfect, I’m at that stage now with Seagulls and Crows.

I want to get to the same point with Hawk images. The issue I have with them is I am now taking only pictures of them in flight. Of 100 pictures I take of them I am fortunate to have 10 keepers. Of those a few are slightly out of focus which I labor over until I realize it and think “what in the world are you doing?” It’s possible to save a lot of things in this life but an out of focus picture just ain’t one of em’.

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