i’m making pictures look like they’re made of plastic.

I’m not sure whether to call what I do with pictures after I take them if they should be referred to as Editing or Deleting. I took over 400 images today and deleted all of the first batch and butchered the second. Of those that were kept, seeing as how the deleting was accomplished, I changed gears to butchering editing them.

Above is an old photo I took last year, I have never liked this editing. I have over done it but I cannot for the life of me figure out what I did to get this plastic look. The image itself is good with fine detail and all but it just looks phony. I revisit it on a regular basis to attempt a fix however it seems to always end up like this.

I did nearly the identical thing to the above picture. There are times I think it may have to do with them being a bit out of focus; not enough to be deleted but able to mess up editing. Out of focus shots can not be repaired with the editor I use “Lightroom”. There is a tendency for me and I assume others as well to over “sharpen” the image then attempting to make it better yet by overdoing the clarifying option.

The Crow pictured above is nearly OK, but it still has that plastic look. This is one that makes me think it may have something to do with coloring. This image had a bunch of editing done to it because it was taken in the full early morning sun. My intent was to display the reflections of light against its deep dark black plumage. All of them are good quality pictures very suitable for the blogs I write but not good for a gallery although a few have found their way into mine.

Red Tailed Hawks

I’m not clear on how to fix what I am focused on now. However after a few YouTube how to videos I’m confident things will improve. I’ll be writing about this adventure off and on until I have it under control.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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