I took a hiatus from the blog.

Three days off from the blog, we have been busy after the house fire, wind storms, repairs and other distractions. I have managed to spend some time out side however, I gotta get out of the house. I have continued to work with the various focus modes and now I am satisfied that I have a working knowledge of them.

I’ve been taking a boat load of images during the past week. Many I am taking with the idea they will have to be deleted, but surprisingly enough my skills have developed to the point of a higher “keeper” rate.

Switching between focus modes, this was taken in the one spot focusing mode. Taken during the evening Golden Hour the lighting came out nicely in my opinion. I focused on his eye, the desired result is to see a bright spot in the black. That adds a bit to the image making the animal more life like. This photo was taken from 50 feet away.

I took several of this Squirrel, as you can see he keeps a close eye on me Skunk-puppy, she is laying behind me. The rodents watch her while she watches them, like Jack Johnson’s song “People taking pictures of people taking pictures.” Unfortunately the Squirrel is now afraid of me as well.

I took this image set on the single point focus as well, he was 100′ distant. The Red Tailed Hawk was struggling to maintain balance on top of that Italian Cedar Tree. But my intent is to display my new found realization I am constantly changing focusing modes now. My skills have improved to now I am nearly on auto changing mode. Of course the new cameras have made changing the settings on it is a snap, so much easier than my 21 year old DSLR Rebel.

I took this image on one spot mode as well demonstrating the need to focus through the branches. To miss with the point could very well throw the entire image out of focus. It’s important to get into a comfortable position with a clear avenue to enable focusing on the subject. Much easier than attempting to capture them at 90mph through the air.

After everything is measured in this has been a fairly productive week with the house repairs and disasters our little Island has been through since the first of the year. I sure hope this is not a precursor of things to come, 2021 is suppose to be better. We’ll see I suppose.

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