I’m getting closer to figuring this out.

Nothing was going on in the slough this morning, a good morning for coffee and watching the world go around. Yesterday I continued on my journey discovering the best method of using the various focusing modes on the camera. I used the Auto Selection AF, that’s the largest grid center priority focusing mode. It covers nearly the entire span of the cameras eyepiece. Once the subject is focused upon the camera will follow it as long as the shutter remains depressed.

I focused on the bird to the left, it is in focus, however the grid picked up the bird on the right as well. Both of them are in focus although they were moving fairly fast. Center priority pays particular attention to the center but also takes into consideration the affected zone.

I employed the same mode for the photos I posted yesterday on this blog, the image above would have been hard to capture without it. The mode is best when used in dynamic situations and group photos such as a flock of Ducks on the water.

Red Tailed Hawks

Especially effective when two critters are together in motion as the pair of Hawks above. I have stopped the habit I formed with my 20 year old Canon of releasing the shutter between shots. That was a difficult issue to get past. I had to constantly think about it while messing up many pictures nearly wearing out the delete button.

I am happy to have established a working knowledge of the focus modes and able to switch between them with ease. Knowing the capabilities of the camera is every bit as important as the knowledge of how to take photographs. When the equipment one is using equals the skill level of the photographer that is when everything melds together making successful photo sessions.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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