Perching hawks; pictures and photographs

Since the storm rolled in from the Ocean there is no going outside for me. I worked many years outside in every kind of weather, now me and Skunk-puppy don’t do weather. The wind is howling, as I was looking out the big window over the river I spotted two big Red Tailed Hawks flying low over the far levee at what looked like 100 mph. I was unable to take any photos of them, I was not prepared nor was I out side. Todays blog is Hawks at rest.

I spotted this Hawk from the Levee, the bird was 100 yards away. I used my 100-400mm lens but had to crop the image drastically for it to work. Instead of cropping it so much I decided to get closer to the tree which was a round about 1/4 mile jaunt. I was hoping the Hawk would remain there which he did but he was suspicious of me.

Most of these I’m posting are of the same Hawk on the same perch, he moved only his head. It’s all in the eyes, each image is distinctive from one another by what I call the facial expression. Birds don’t change expressions they seem to always look angry. However there is something about their face that does change from anger to curiosity. The first two appear to me to be curiosity.

He’s looking down his nose (beak) at me, or is it me he’s looking at? The position in which they hold their head and the eyes are what draws the human emotions into the image. Also drawing the emotional attention of the viewer perhaps asking ourselves what is this guy thinking?

Although not a good photograph the Hawk in the image above was well over 150 yards away. I shot it through a clump of Trees obscured with undergrowth, the point is the eyes are not clearly visible. It makes all the difference in the world between it being a picture and a photograph. This is a picture, nearly a snapshot; causing no curiosity or emotion at all.

Perhaps I’m too far away from the subject for it to cast a suspicious eye in the direction of the camera. Never-the-less from this distance the only way to gain attention to this image is if the bird is doing something. Unfortunately both Hawk and photographer are waiting for what ever is coming next. In the end of the saga after waiting with cocked camera he flew off into a nearby tree and did not show himself again. However I was in such a bad position if it were to dive bomb an unsuspecting victim the weeds, trees, and under-growth would have made a snap impossible.

The bottom two are suitable for blogs but not much else, in a gallery they would be scrolled past, in a blog they hold 1,000 words. With a picture a 500 word blog takes on the appearance of being several thousands of words long.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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