5 hawks

I rummaged through my gallery this morning as it was too cold for me and Skunk-puppy to venture out the door. I stopped looking when I got to the Hawks, I don’t do them justice. I have many photos of them normally using them to accent another post rarely as the main feature.

Red Tailed Hawk

The common ones that I use appear often leaving the bulk of the collection under wraps. That is the theme of this blog, what good does it do to take a bunch of photos if no one is to ever see them? The trick is to post those people will react to. In order to do that an emotion needs to be aroused in the viewer which is not easy to do.

A pair of Red Tailed Hawks

Sometimes merely having an image with two birds in the frame is enough, but even at that they must be doing something. Which is not real easy to capture due to birds being inactive other than flying around. I attempted to capture the feeling of endless space and freedom in the picture above.

A free flying Hawk doesn’t conjure up hidden emotions as well, it’s interesting but there are many in every gallery. Those that attract the most attention are perfect in every aspect, composition, detail and focusing.

All of these were taken in the one spot focus mode, it creates a lot of deletions but those that are saved make it worthwhile. Catching them in the early morning sunrise such as the above photo lends the golden glow. Much of the same affect is captured just before dusk.

My intent was to post all flying Hawks today but its rare when I don’t post the above image whenever the topic of Hawks comes up. It’s a Coopers Hawk that landed close to me early one morning. A perching bird is much easier to take an image of than when they are aloft.

The raptors will be out in force once again when the weather improves. Some times after an extended rain during the first bright, clear day a rather large flock of Red Tailed Hawks show up over the pasture across the river. I’ll be waiting for them, knowing the habits of the critters make predicting photographs easier. The trick is filling the birds in with the details, they rarely co-operate with the plans I make for them however.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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