Why i take more pictures of the same old thing.

Saturday was a mild day, the wind was reduced enough to cook on the grill. The Seagulls (Gulls) were out in force following the giant Sea Lion who has been parading up and down the Slough for the past two months or so. I wonder how long they are able to stay healthy in fresh water, it’s a mystery to me.

None the less I took numerous photos of the Gulls, nearly all of them were decent images. I deleted only those under/over exposed, out of focus and shots from the tail. I have a lot of Seagull pictures, I continue to add to them and delete some I have kept. Photography is a constant learning endeavor with skills improving it seems daily. There seems to always be something to tweak in order to improve images.

Tracking them with the camera in the single point focus mode helps me to capture all flying birds. Gulls are a good choice because there are plenty of them and they are active. Capturing their images remains a challenge but not in the same category as the Hummingbirds. My goal is now to keep only those pictures that are detailed and in need of little editing.

They are suitable for entry in competition as well, however they do not usually capture 1st place. Seagulls remain beautiful birds prone to being cussed at; they do have a not so good reputation.

However their flying abilities are to be envied they perform in all weather conditions which also makes for interesting pictures. I have featured all flying Gulls in this blog, I have numerous images of them in various other positions as well. I have gone through the initial editing with a start on the second step which is grading them 1-5 stars. 3 and below rarely make it to a blog, as my skills improve the bar will rise.

Gulls add to Landscape pictures well, in most cases (as far as Landscapes are concerned) they are not the subject but add an interesting accent. Many of us have seen pictures of the setting Sun with a bird or two flying in front of the fiery globe. Many of those birds are Seagulls, in ocean scenes one is hard pressed to find a photo without a Gull in it.

I find myself fighting the urge to take pictures of them, but I now feel that to be off base. I’m learning that with most of the wildlife I capture images of. Two of the most photographed birds, the Blue Heron and the White Egret face a similar attitude. However I continue to photograph them as well almost every chance I get. I feel my gallery continues to improve with the additional pictures.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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