Some pictures look alike

I recently took a picture of a Great Blue Heron which was flying over me so close reaching out and touching it seemed to be possible.

The top image was captured Jan. 17 2021, and the bottom August 2020. If I had waited for the wings to rise up they would have been nearly identical.

Although each photo is unique in it’s own right there are some I have to take a double look at. There are times when flipping through a photographic site on line when the pictures are so close to one of mine I stop to check if it is. Those are the types of images I do not enter into contests, if there is one close to the same there must be others.

Egrets share the same fate, they are pretty birds and widely photographed. I take a double look when I see a picture of one against a shoreline. After all they only have so many ways to hold their necks and bodies.

Egret flying 43

They fly in a nearly military style, they are very direct having the appearance of knowing exactly what they are doing. I’m sure they do until they decide to land, the lack of decision is noticeable. They fly directly to a spot then pull up, change directions and land at some place of convenience.

Even though photos may appear to be the same they are like snowflakes not two are exactly the same. Even the pictures of the Big Bend of the Colorado river that is snapped so often is in each image different. But that is what makes us better photographers being able to create unique and interesting pictures.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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