foggy fotos

The wind is blowing 25mph today making the sky clear and bright. It has been foggy for the past few weeks until around noon when it dissipates. Some days it doesn’t lift at all, today we traded for wind. I’ve been working on taking pictures that are affected by the early morning fog.

The composition above was taken early in the morning, the silhouettes were attractive to me. I like the picture and entered it in a competition titled “silent fog”, it didn’t rank in the top 50%.

An attempt to show an artistic side of the fog seems to work alright,I’m not sure what the subject is. My intent was focused on the tuft of tules in the center separated by that gap. I haven’t entered it in any contest and most likely won’t unless it’s a very specific competition. Once again however the electrical power lines in the background take away from the image, it would be judged harshly.

The image above was taken at dusk when the fog was just beginning to roll in. The setting Sun filtered through it creating this almost rainbow effect which I did not see when taking the picture. It’s a good lesson in not deleting an image before looking at it full screen. This is actually 1/2 of a larger photo.

Above is the other 1/2, it is on the left side and the previous is on the right. It did not work well as one image, I debated deleting it for a second time. Then I split it, the result is two workable pictures.

The original image does not work in its entire form, merely looking at it suggest a split in the middle. Perhaps if the birds were closer together or less dock it may have been workable. As it is deletion is nearly a silent command as it’s almost hurtful to the eye. The fog as a background is so attractive splitting it was the correct choice. I have entered both in a competition which is yet to be judged, I’m confident it will rank above 50%.

A fog background in this picture works just alright, it is as interesting as the sky blue I am constantly avoiding. The quality is good along with the detail, the composition lacks color. The sparrow is nearly the same color as the background.

I made an attempt photographing the old Levee road during Sunrise with the sun filtering through the fog. It has a great initial impact but after about one minute it turns into a big ho-hum.

Most of these started as experiments, some were accidental and others intentional. The intentional pictures were taken with optimism, they looked better through the viewfinder. Others I planned on deleting after viewing them in Lightroom and didn’t. I am learning to be liberal with the delete button, as I stated yesterday I’m done trying to bring images back from the dead.

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