the great white egret; or i botched a shot

The Great White Egrets are pretty birds. They are regular visitors to the slough, at times solo or in small groups. I have numerous photos of them and continue to take them. I replace the lesser quality with better images, I thought I had one today. I have a photo of an Egret I like a lot, but it has issues. There are high voltage power lines in the background keeping it from ever being a contender or even getting likes.

The photo above is one of them, the background is just simply way too busy. Causing a distraction means it is too strong to support the image.

This image is my favorite Egret photo, I took this three years ago on my vixia video camcorder. During editing of the video I gleaned a few stills from the movie. Many times that does not work out, but I give the credit to the camera being close and a crystal clear day with the correct sunlight.

The photo above is one that I thought would be a contender but it is not. Although it is a good picture it is lacking detail, I like to see each feather. The shots I took today had the correct detail, however I cut all of the legs off. The image started at the birds hip; I could not believe it when I began editing them. All 20 images were deleted I am finished trying to bring stuff back from the dead.

Egret hunting 25

Chromatic aberration is common with these light colored birds when photographed in front of a dark backdrop. As with all other pictures the lighting must be from the correct angle. If it isn’t a purple halo will appear around the subject.

Flying Egrets are in a world of their own, they are not fast flyers most of the time but the are high flyers. When up against a light colored background there are issues as well. If it is too light their detail cannot be seen, it’s sort of like taking a picture of a Polar Bear in a Blizzard.

Egret flying 43

When they fly just a bit above the Levee exposing the landscape depth and texture is added to the picture. The green background enhances the bright white feathers on the Egret. This background does not control this image.

Egret flying 10

Their wings are Angel quality, broad, long and bright white they put on a spectacular display. The work put in practicing taking pictures of them in flight is well worth the effort. I am able to take better images of birds in flight than while perching many times. The Egrets are a joy to watch and take photos of. As better quality images are produced the lesser ones are deleted, I kind of dislike watching them go but storage is of a premium.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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