i delete a lot of pictures.

That’s the way it goes some of the time, it’s becoming more frequent as of late due to my changing requirements to keep them. I have been taking images of Hummingbirds, they are difficult to capture photos of. I have deleted most of them, 50 of the 88 were of out of focus Hummingbirds.

I want that highly detailed photo that shows each feature as well as the twinkle in the birds eye. I prefer not to have the feeder in the picture but it is becoming clearer that may be hard to satisfy. Somehow I was able to achieve focus on the bird in the above picture.

While waiting for the small fast birds to approach the feeder I took numerous images of the small birds in the Bay Tree next to me. I am still awaiting a good picture of the Bushy Woodpecker. I spotted it today in the old Elm Tree but as yesterday it was amongst the tangled branches of the Old Tree.

Late afternoon is a good time to capture these images, the sun is low and dimming. Focusing is not an issue while they are still, but to capture a Sparrow in flight is another matter. Unless focus is not desired, it’s a snap to capture them flying out of focus. That is where my high deletion rate stems from.

Tomorrow is another day perhaps my quest to capture a great picture of the Bushy Woodpecker will be accomplished. Sun, Fog, Focus and Subject are all coming together nicely; it all takes a bit of time and work.

Jacques Lebec Shutter Flutter

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