Fog still.

Photographic subjects are difficult to find in the fog which is a mainstay of the Bay Area winters. Most of my feathered friends don’t fly in it, those that do fly close to the ground. That makes sense as they cannot see where they are going.

I’m still working on capturing a perfect image of a Green Heron in flight. As I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs the little guys fly as fast as greased lightening. When combined with incorrect lighting a photograph is challenging at best. Green Heron images have been for me black blobs against a lighter background. They don’t fly high however the contrast between them and the backdrop doesn’t always work out in the best way.

I managed to take images of the Heron when the fog cleared for a few minutes. It cleared then rolled back in after just a few minutes, the Green Heron remained out. Re-setting the camera settings in the changing sun lighting was a constant concern. At times I’m not sure how much the modes Sunny, and Cloudy affect the final product. None the less I adjust them to the changing conditions. The same is the true for ISO, Shutter, and the f-stop. Although when in AV (aperture priority) the camera sets the shutter to the ISO and f-stop of which I choose.

The Bushy Woodpecker in the image above is not the clearest I have ever taken but it was the only other subject to emerge from the grey cloak. He is the smallest Woodpecker in this part of the woods, he is fast and attractive. I saw him again today, the lighting was good as he was in nearly the same place as this photo. When I raised to take the picture he zipped to the far side of the trunk. I waited for him to emerge however it never did happen, my famous last words are there is always tomorrow.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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