no more pictures in the dense fog.

Fog is common in California, when the rain stops it normally is three days until the Pea Soup covers us. San Francisco is foggy during the Summer and Winter. The Central Valley is foggiest during the winter. Early this morning the sky was clear until 8am then the fog began to form, by 9 we were socked in. I am happy to have been able to capture some good images of a Green Heron, bad ones of a Seagull and totally terrible ones of a Hawk of one species or another. I’m back to using single spot focusing, even though it’s not intended to capture flying birds.

The image of the Crow was taken single spot focusing, for this one keeper I most likely deleted 10 of lesser quality. I’m beginning to accept the high rejection rate on flying subjects. The stationary shots are much easier to manage after dealing with the flyers.

As in this image of the small bird, I’m terrible at identifying them, the detail is quite good; this is un-edited. With this picture it is directly out of the camera, completed with one spot focus.

Egret flying against the wind

When using the large grid multi-point modes I never know what is the focal spot. I make fewer rejects but it has a tendency to drive me crazy crazier.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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