It wasn’t raining hard this morning when I went to the porch, it was more of a mist. Visibility was good with no fog, but rarely is there fog when it’s raining. I was able to capture an image of a Bushy Woodpecker which I will write a blog on after I get a few more. I managed to take a nice picture last week that I had to edit to make sense of.

This image was taken at 4:37pm with ten minutes until the Sun sets; the Golden Sunset is shown in the lighting. It’s not real common to have an Egret and Blue Heron on the same structure. Great Blue Herons are territorial many times attacking the smaller Egret and chasing it off. I felt this photo had potential but whatever I did with it just seemed out of balance.

I cropped it into two separate pictures, the image above is the Great Blue Heron. I managed to catch the bird as it was contemplating lunging forward for a meal. The coloring is good, focus is alright it’s a bit off, the over all composition in my opinion is good. My intent was to frame the Heron with the docks handrail on the bottom, the pylon on the left and the edge of the picture to the right. It is in balance leaving the observer with the idea the bird has room to fly off to the right representing freedom of motion.

I attempted to use the same method to frame the Egret, however this photo does not have a handrail I believe the short pylon serves the same purpose. I have found there are many aspects to pay attention to when composing a shot, and later editing. I don’t take a picture with the idea of editing it, I want a perfect image out of the camera. The composition has to say something to the viewer, it has to inspire an emotion. The top most picture depicts to me a feeling of urgency, it’s darkening and the bird must hurry if it desires a meal. The bottom picture expresses to me a feeling of longing, the Egret is looking far off preparing for a long journey. However to be a truly popular picture it must provoke the same feeling in many people.

Both of these pictures excite emotion but it is not of the contagious type, it’s more of a matter of perspective. It has to do with personal likes and dislikes as well. I do not appreciate portraits for some reason, especially when I am a judge. It takes a lot of talent for sure to photograph them but for me it ends up being a beauty contest and how in the world can a person vote against a babies portrait? There are people that don’t care for my style as well, nature, landscapes and wildlife; some won’t judge them. At the end of the day it all equals out; finding that emotion to project is a high bar. It’s difficult to see the end result in the small viewfinder on back of the camera; it is shown in it’s full glory in the editor app.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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