Cold dense fog welcomed me this morning

Visibility was no more than 50 feet, the fog would clear slightly then pour back in. On Cat’s feet? Maybe so but it was thick wet fog, nearly a drizzle then the breeze began that’s when I rolled up and retreated. Tossing a log in the wood burning stove the room warmed rapidly.

I was out for over an hour managing to capture 50 or so images of a Seagull; every one of them was deleted. The fog created noise in the foreground, the camera created it in the background. I managed to edit one photo well enough to claim as a “keeper”, but it was of a poor quality; it went to the trash can as well.

This is not one of those I took this morning but the blogs about Seagulls so the photos should be as well. I took this image with single spot focusing, when I get it right it’s good. However the reject ratio is just too high, I first used the small grid then employed the large grid. In order for it to work it must be on AI focus; it will then follow the subject. Single point focus does not follow unless in the “live view” mode, which is too small for me to see.

I have a remote viewing program on my computer as well as on my cell phone; I have a hard time with the cell but the image on my laptop is much larger. It’s a bit of a hassle to connect the camera to the laptop, it is hard wired versus blue tooth. None the less it allows me to operate the camera in live view with a very good image. When coupled with a remote switch which is also hard wired to the camera it is fairly simple to follow the subject.

Gull over the slough

None of these photos were taken this morning, I have over one thousand images of Seagulls. They are the same color as the fog and are able to hide in plain sight. I comfort myself by proclaiming “if it wasn’t foggy they would have turned out.” I’m not sure about that, I’m still experimenting with focusing modes. Fog is an interruption to the camera, in AI it will follow almost anything in the Pea Soup. However the focus appeared to be OK, but I couldn’t really make it out that well. Every image was deleted, I returned out side two hours later, nothing was out and about. Perhaps tomorrows rain will be more productive, or I may follow Skunkpuppies lead and stay inside.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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