happy new year! it’s gonna be a good one.

Happy New Year! It’s gonna be a good one.

I assumed my usual spot on the deck with my coffee along with Skunkpuppy, she does not appreciate the drizzle and cool temperatures. I don’t appreciate the lack of photography subjects, I missed three Hawks this morning. Observation is huge, I find myself looking through my binoculars up and down the Slough when all of the action is taking place right in front of me. I managed to take over 150 images; after loading them into Lightroom and looking them over I deleted all of them except one.

The Green Heron is a bit out of focus but it’s the first one I have captured in flight. They are very fast flyer’s much easier to photograph when they are still. As I mentioned yesterday I re-set the handle on my tri-pod to a verticle position. I have seen photographers using tri-pods with no handle merely directing with one hand on each side of the camera. That is my next step if need be, however the vertical position is a desirable solution for me. It’s much like not having one, but when I need the leverage it is there, it’s just above my head.

My suspicion is tomorrow will be much the same as this morning, very few critters on the Slough. I’m still wondering if all of the birds go into a modified hibernation as the Hummingbirds do. The furry mammals do, they will make their re-emergance around the end of January to meet the false spring in February.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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