it was cold this morning; i messed with my tri-pod.

For all of my optimism on how successful today was going to be it was not nearly half as fulfilling. It just goes to show I do not have a voice in scheduling the wild things day. I managed to take a few images but mostly run of the mill stuff, the Moon, a Green Heron and a Mud-hen. The day was not a loss, I experimented with my tri-pod. It’s made for video as stated in the manufacturers description. I am of the mind they are a personal item each of us needs to determine what the best style is then adapt or accept as needed. I like mine, it’s a bit awkward from a wheelchair as I must have it set exactly so.

I have no related pictures, I will use some as wallpaper, my hope is you enjoy them.

The issue I am addressing is the controlling handle designed to make directing the head easier. It certainly does that, however from a sitting position if the thing is not adjusted just so it lodges against my chest as I’m leaning forward to look through the view finder. I considered bending it, cutting it shorter and making a different style. I moved it from right hand to left hand and re-positioned it. I decided to set it directly vertical which makes operating it from an overhead position. After changing it this afternoon I proceeded to test it out, first waiting for a subject to wander past.

None did, not even a Seagull flew overhead and I had no desire to take a landscape, after all I wanted to test it on a flying subject. As most things go, there is always tomorrow. It was just too cold today for the critters to move out of their warm nests and dens I suppose.

My attention was on a project I have been contemplating for some time, today I had the time to think about it. I bought an extremely cheap inexpensive action camera for $40.00, it has good reviews. However all it has to do is one simple task. I am thinking of using a red baseball hat with a red ribbon affixed to the brim to resemble a flower. The action camera to be situated behind the flower below the center. When a Hummingbird shows up I will use the remote control to start the video; while the ensemble is upon my head. I hope to capture a Hummingbird real close up attempting to harvest nectar from the contraption.

Tomorrow is another day, I will rise early once again. I am now feeling well enough to ride my mobility scooter one mile North. I have found a tree with a Red Tailed Hawk nest in it, I may set up my camera on the tri-pod then do what I do best, sit there and wait for an opportunity; that is if it’s not raining. Nothing I own tolerates the rain, my scooter, wheelchair or camera are not weather resistant; neither am I any longer.

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