it’s a learning process.

I was up at daybreak, my camera set up ISO800, f-8 and 1/800 shutter set on cloudy I waited for the sun to rise. My goal this morning was to capture a few images of the Hummingbirds that are suitable for posting somewhere. I was watching intermittently from 6am until 4pm at which time the sun was rapidly setting.

Hummingbirds are much like unscheduled trains, there is no telling when one will show or how many will. Having coffee while aimlessly studying the landscape I must admit waiting becomes a bit of a cross to bear. I take pictures to fill the time, I follow flying birds with the camera taking few photographs. I turned to photographing the small “Tweetie birds”, Fly-catchers, Sparrows and Starlin’s.

Although my beginning settings were set, throughout the day I re-set them as conditions change. ISO 1250 f-6.3 and 1/2000 shutter the results are what I like. One of the most demanding aspects is distance, the settings all work well with the big lens 150-400mm as long as I am within 150 yards. Attempting photos at longer distances affects focus often to the point of rendering the image unusable.

The image of the Great White Egret above was taken at dusk just prior to the sun disappearing behind the Mountains. ISO 1000, f-8 and 1/1000 shutter is a fairly reliable all around setting, a good place to start. However when in the aperture priority mode my saving grace is the camera chooses the shutter speed then assigns to the settings for optimum results. It works well for me, I will begin using Shutter Priority in short order, both modes are good ways to learn the ins and outs of the camera which is an on going never ending endeavor.

Jacques Lebec Shutter Flutter

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