I took a week off; iso & f-stop.

I’ve taken a week off of blogging it’s good to be back. Overnight rain is welcome, any moisture is welcome. I don’t know why it’s mainly rained overnight however.

I’ve been experimenting with ISO and f-stops. Figuring it out can be described in one word, experience. In order for me to understand the relationship between the trinity, shutter speed, ISO and f-stop a bit of experimentation is in order.

It seems to be an odd place to start, with this transmission tower. However I begin by taking a picture of it to see if the camera is set up for the conditions of the day.

It was set at ISO 200 which is low for me, I prefer to have it set between 800-1250. I read a blog written by a professional photographer, in it he was talking about the base ISO. Every camera’s base is 100-200, I did not know that. He also said to stay as close to the base as possible for the conditions. That is why I chose 200 for this shot. It is crystal clear with an f-6.3 and 1/125 shutter speed. But when I began taking pictures of birds and the other usual suspects every one had to be deleted.

I changed settings to ISO 800, f-10 and shutter speed of 1/320. The photo came out alright but was underexposed a bit causing me to have to edit it more than I like. I don’t like the idea of being stuck to settings but I have the best luck staying between 800 & 1250 ISO and f-6.5-f-11. I am happy with this image but it is after all one of 150 photos of which 5 were keepers.

The image above came out well also with an ISO of 1250, f-6.3 and 1/80 shutter speed. This was taken moments before the above picture pausing only to adjust the settings. They are two different settings, this has a house boat as a background the other has the water. I prefer the house boat in this case, otherwise if the water came out sky blue versus rain gray it would be the preferred back drop. The ISO 800 above appears a bit sharper and a better focus. I use Aperture priority which allows the camera to set the shutter speed.

I included the shot above because it is very clear and sharp, but there is no main subject. ISO 400, F-6.3 and 1/1250 shutter speed taken at high noon in the full Sun. This image has not been edited at all, these being the natural colors, it’s just not interesting. But that’s not the point of this exercise, my interest is in determining the relationship between the trinity. I believe I’m close, but still in the same ballpark I was prior to me starting this. My results ISO between 600-1250, f-6 to f-11 and what ever shutter speed the camera deems best for now.

Tomorrow I will start at ISO 630 and f-8, it may be cloudy or even raining making it interesting where the camera will set the shutter speed. There is no way to tell or guess without knowing whether it is overcast or not.

Jacques Lebec Shutter Flutter

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