i’m making a new plan.

I went out this morning expecting a lot of activity around the slough. I have noticed on some occasions after a few days of rain when the Sun comes out the predators are out in full force. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t, to day was a doesn’t.

While studying the landscape for a viable subject, hopefully a Hawk, Tern or Pelican, I turned my thoughts to a bit in the future.

My parade video did not work out the way I had hoped, notice I used the word hope. That is because I did no planning, instead I relied upon a hope and a prayer; light on the prayer heavy on hope. As I said in yesterday’s blog I need to plan a bit more for my next attempt. I have decided to begin planning for my New Years video, I’ve made one for the past two years.

One of my ideas is to video a bird, I’m thinking a Seagull, flying away from the camera into the fading Sun. As the light dims the Gull will slowly disappear down river. I will never be able to predict which direction the bird would decide to fly. I’m not too sure if that will matter much, the sun will still fade.

Red Tailed Hawk Golden Hour

The unpredictability of the Gull will be one unknown I will have to deal with. My plan is to start now filming birds flying away from me, I’m bound to capture one that is exactly what I need.

However if it flies into the Sunset that may add a number of new challenges. The first most significant would be unusable over-exposure. But on the other hand the risk may be worth it, to capture a dark perfect silhouette into the sun may make a great picture.

One other idea that is much more predictable is to use a large boat. It may be that I can video it slowly going around the marina while the sun sets. It will be easier to time to the music as well, of course use of Auld Lang Sine is the only sound tract to use. I’m sure a few more ideas will rattle through the corridors of the spider trap between my ears. More tomorrow.

Jacques Lebec Shutter Flutter

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