Unpredictible Critters.

Crows are creatures of habit, that is until they’re not which is a fairly rare occurrence. However the Hawks, Vultures and Gulls are; until they aren’t. I set up early this morning to capture a few images of the Red Tailed Hawks, my intent is to improve the quality of photos in my gallery of them. The black birds are my alarm I am able to hear their extremely loud Caws, (I am nearly totally deaf). When a Hawk enters their habitat which appears to cover over 30 acres, the alarm goes off.

The photos didn’t end up too awfully bad, but my goal was to get good details on both birds. The Hawk is merely OK while the Crow is a black glob exactly what I meant to avoid. The Sun was at the correct angle, the camera settings were only good and the focus was acceptable. That’s a pretty dismal self critique, but I believe I’m being realistic.

I’m not fond of the background being dark blue with no features to make it interesting. My next goal is to improve upon these by including something back there. I will not photo-shop a new sky in the pictures and I am unable to fly above them; patience is the solution.

IS0 1250 F-8 1/3200 SHUTTER SPEED.

On the plus side is the lighting, I have that figured out and down not pat yet but I am within reaching distance. It took a while to determine what the issues were but when I did the solution made so much sense I use it every day. It’s one of those that is hiding in plain sight; if the sun is on the far side the image will be underexposed. Simple answer, I take them only to the right of me with the sunrise shining on the birds glossy feathers. IS0 1250 F-8 1/3200 SHUTTER SPEED; I don’t like these settings, I’m lowering everything to; ISO 800 F-5 and 1/80 Shutter; if I’m in bright sunshine as these photos are.

I will reduce them due to the background noise, the culprits are the high ISO and Shutter speed.

All in all I grade the photo session as a 4 out of a 5 scale, albeit a low 4 I believe it deserves higher than a 3. I use the threes in my blogs sparingly, mostly showing what goes drastically wrong, but these aren’t there. I score them by story ability, I ask myself if each picture is a story of itself. Honestly in my opinion they are very good for that purpose. Contest winners? No, not even close, but story time yep these are perfect bloggers, that’s my goal with story pictures.

Jacques Lebec Shutter Flutter

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