Turkey Vultures.

The wind was up this morning, knowing it places a hamper on activities I set up my camera anyways. The first few days of windy conditions will keep the animals and birds at bay, but this morning I had a hunch that would not be the case. My first opportunity did not take long to present itself for the first time today, it happened 4 more times, I missed each one. A Red Tailed Hawk flew in from my left hand, blinded by the big tree. He came in 5 feet above my head, 10 feet in front of me perfectly placed for a picture.

He zipped from South to North at what looked like 100 miles per hour taking me totally by surprise; I missed the opportunity for the first time today. However a new chance was presented after missing the Hawk I was set for anything to happen.

The Turkey Vultures began buzzing past at about the same elevations and distance as the Hawk. Six of the big birds were flying in the wind shadows of the houses lining the levee. I took advantage using the same technique I used for the Crows and Ravens the day previous. My patience paid off, they were flying to my right hand side with the sun reflecting off of their sleek black feathers at the correct angle. The wind was an Allie as well, slowing them down they were relying upon their gliding abilities but instead they were stuck in suspended animation right in front of me.

I was able to capture some good likenesses of the big birds finally the bare red head is revealed. They fly slowly against the wind, I’m not the least sure if they know the difference. One things for sure when an escape must be implemented those big wings perform exceptionally well. But when working against the wind they lumber along only bothered by a photographer and hundreds of tiny dark birds pecking at the larger intruder.

I am happy getting good quality images of them, I have had as much trouble with photographing them as I have the Crows. I felt a need to beef up my inventory of Vulture photos, then when I began looking in my gallery I discovered over 100 images of them. It’s time to weed the garden of poor Vulture, Red Tailed Hawk and the Seagull pictures; out with the slightly out of focus in with better quality pictures.

Tomorrow I plan on being prepared for the Hawks, they fly by in a different direction at the same time each morning and noon; I shall prevail.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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