bad Photo Composition

I kept several photos made up of a composition that is in my words scrambled. It’s one thing to study a scene, pick a subject then execute the shot and quite another for that scene to come out the way it is planned.

I am not in the least happy with this photograph, this is “Canal Road”; It cuts across the Island to Main Street about 2-1/2 miles from this point. I sat and studied it for 10 minutes or so deciding to use the canal bank on the right and the power poles on the left to direct the viewers eye to that tank way at the other end. The bank and poles taper towards it making what I thought would be a focal point. It is only after I remind myself that it is, placing a header under this image would do no good telling the viewer to look at the tank. The corral on the left is out of focus, the bank on the right is non-existent.

I decided to crop the corral gate out of the picture. However now it looks unbalanced, being a bit symmetric is important in all artistic pursuits. This photo is not, there is far too much bulk on the right compared to the wide open space on the left. The near portion of the road is terribly out of focus, it makes my eyes cross. The original prior to being cropped was hard on the eye as well, it literally hurts me to look at this picture. This cropped photo nearly gives me vertigo, it remains out of focus at grade level. The tank which I chose to be the subject is not in the least relative to the image besides not being of interest.

I took more photographs from the right hand side, they are no better, in fact perhaps a bit worse. Using the same tank as the subject in this image it is lost as well. The viewers eye follows the ditch bank to eternity, I’m not sure what I’m even looking at. I would like to make this image work but it’s not possible as far as I’m concerned. I kept these to re-visit on occasion to determine if there is any way I may be able to return to this spot and make the scene work. I just don’t think there is, I go between the photos and the actual site which is one mile from home. There has to be a “like” factor for me in each image, these don’t have it, I actually don’t like them at all.

The image above is very nearly in the same category however it has a definable subject which is the outhouse. It’s at an angle making it uncomfortable to view which I was hoping would make it interesting. It didn’t work out that way, instead it appears out of balance and awkward. This is the type of picture people flip past as quickly as possible. Even as the photographer I ask myself what am I looking at? This is another photo in need of explanation, that to me is the kiss of death.

I use them in my blogs exclusively, once in a while I will enter one in a contest but that is an anomaly. When used in a blog the picture must tell a big part of the story, neither of these do. The entire blog would be explaining what they are composed of, the question I imagine “is that an outhouse or what?” The top photo what is asked in my imagination is “so is this a drainage ditch?”

I used them in the tour blog a few days ago, they worked OK only because I explained what they were images of. I will avoid using them after this blog, but I will keep them to help me with composition; reasoning that there could not be much more going wrong with them. I will make another attempt snapping the outhouse, I feel it has potential from a different angle. But the drainage ditch, I will stop and look at it but I don’t think that scene is usable at all.

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