waiting; ANTICIPATING big things.

The bane of photography is waiting sometimes; not so patiently; I was set up for the Crows again today. The opportunity did not present itself, as a matter of fact there was little activity on the Slough at all.

A Great Blue Heron presented himself yesterday, I captured this good image of him taking flight from the coveted pylon. I should start capitalizing Pylon as it seems to be too inviting for the birds to pass up. I took several images of it, two were kept of him in flight; I took maybe a dozen. That’s the way of it however, 10% of the images I take are good enough to be used.

Some images as the one above appear awkward and tangled up. The new cameras with their 3-11 images per second make them possible. I returned to single point versus the 45 point grid focus leaving me quite satisfied with the clarity. I went from 3 shots per second to 7 then returned yesterday to 3. I am not sure where the shots per second will end up, I like the 7 but the 3 is easier to control.

Of course when they are stationary for long periods of time the multi-shot per second is not needed. The buffer is a bit of a pain in the neck but it’s worth it most of the time. Until a shot is missed that is, too many images in a row will stop the process at times just a fraction of a second too early. At first it is difficult to get a handle on how long a second actually is. It’s a long time, conditioning is paramount in controlling it. On the high speed 7 per second on my camera, it is easy to stop after two pictures, at 3 per second the same is true for one image. The jury remains out for now, I kind of suspect it will be one of the adjustments made several times a day to match the situation.

This coming weekend is the Christmas Boat Parade, it’s a lot of fun. I will be on the sidelines this year, our boat is broken. However as I did last year I will take a video as well snapping pictures then post on the local Face-Book page. No matter the quality I will post them.

I’m asked each year if I am a professional photographer, I am not, do not want to be and do not inspire to be. As I tell people as recently as last night, I take pictures for my blogs and it makes me happy. That is all that matters in this life, happiness, we should all strive to get there.

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