taking photos in the fog

This morning was blanketed in fog, at first I hesitated to set up my camera. However I soon realized the opportunity presented to me; I set up the equipment. My results are mixed, I don’t know if they are good, bad or something else. I decided to edit them to revisit in a few days, that lasted about 4 hours when I found myself looking at them further.

It was strange this morning, to the South the Sun casts a golden light, while to the North it was a blue morning. It must have had something to do with the Sun filtering through the fog. The photo above is several hundred yards distant, I used my 100-400mm lens. I am fairly pleased with this image but it will take some thinking for me to enter it on the Viewbug website.

Another blue morning image, this subject is East of that taken above. For a bland subject this is one I am fairly happy with, mostly it gave me an opportunity to learn more editing.

Setting my sights towards the South slough I captured the photo above, it is the subject of Mrs. Lebec merely saying it’s interesting to which I answered I’m going to keep it and decide whether to delete tomorrow. The contrast between this picture and the two above with the Golden sunshine is astounding for me. I did not edit it extensively I’m unsure where I stand on it, like/dislike, keep/delete are the questions.

I converted the same picture to mono-chrome, I like it better than the colored version. It adds a bit of mystery to the path, where is it leading me is the question I found myself asking. I have taken photos of this path many times but never in the fog, it takes on an entirely different look.

Summing it up I had a good day in the fog, I learned a lot and deleted a lot of pictures. But that’s a part of it all, take a lot of photos then cull them. I’m not sure what will become of these, for the meantime I will hang on to them for study and reference.

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