I wrote about the Red Tailed Hawks in yesterdays blog, today is the Vultures; their air bound partners. Buzzards attract birds of all species, I have seen Crows, Seagulls and Predators joining their circling towers.

They fly from extremely high to within 20 feet of the ground, taking a lot of pictures is important. I used my 18-135mm lens, it is much easier to control than my 100-400mm. I am not steady enough to free hand the larger lens, I use it exclusively on my tri-pod. I went back to single point focus, after experimenting with the multi-point grid I threw in the towel. I could not figure out what it was focusing on, plus it will focus on anything in the viewfinder. That was driving me crazy, however it may be I don’t understand it as well as I should.

I took almost 200 images of the Hawks and Vultures deleting all but about 75 of the birds. The large birds are not too hard to focus on due the slow flying rate, mostly riding the thermal drafts it makes for slow traveling. But not to be fooled these guys can fly fast with a tailwind.

I was using the slow burst 3 shots per second until yesterday I decided to use the 7 per second. It fills the card faster unfortunately causing me to pause while the buffer catches up. More memory is used as well, I record two images one jpeg and the other RAW.

Two photos of each places more emphasis on not keeping inferior shots, I have discovered not to be shy with the delete button. It’s a good thing as I am becoming more particular of the images I prefer to save. Even slightly out of focus pictures are not worth my time and effort attempting to make presentable. Over-exposed, out of focus and blurred are definitely not worth messing around with. It is a bit hard to delete some of them that seem to have the potential of becoming “keepers”; some are just so very good, but unusable, ugh. I have found not to worry about them, they cannot be saved.

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