high fliers

Three times each day are optimal for taking photographs on our Island, early morning, noon and dusk. I haven’t achieved much at dusk, morning is the most productive followed by mid-day.

Between 11:30 and 1:00pm Turkey Vultures and Red Tailed Hawks will fly along the tree line across the road. It doesn’t happen every day making sitting patiently gazing skyward on the chance it will a valuable ability.

Yesterday the Vultures filled the sky, today it was our local mating pair of Red Tailed Hawks. I was able to take 175 images then as usual deleted down to a few less than 50. I don’t like using the blue sky as a background but these guys fly so very high often that’s the only way to catch an image. Flying at that altitude they appear to be small dots during editing which I delete.

The trick for me is once again to take a lot of pictures, concentrate of single point focus, depress the shutter and click off a second of shots.

From this vantage point it’s all shots of the underside of the bird. I am able to be above some of them when I’m on the waterside, the deck is elevated about 12 feet above the water. The large birds will fly low under some situations enabling eye level or on occasion photos from above. However opportunity came overhead the past two days, one day it was Buzzards, the next Red Tailed Hawks.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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