I took a lot of photos of small birds today.

I took 75 pictures today, the Slough was not real busy due to the fog blanketing us. I waited until the Crows woke up and sent out their scout, they do it every morning. It appears the lone Crow flies a large circle as to check to make sure the coast is clear. I don’t know if that’s the reason but it sure appears to be the case.

I successfully took numerous photos of small birds. After realizing I concentrate on the larger ones while searching for mammals I decided to build up my small bird gallery. A distance of 100 feet is stretching it a bit but I am able to take good photos of the larger small birds.


I believe this is a photo of a Red Shafted Flicker, ironically they have no red on them; at least that’s what my bird books have to say. If that’s the case I can’t help to wonder why whoever names things didn’t simply call it a Black Bibbed Flicker or something that makes a bit of sense. I was able to take this image from 60 feet as they are fairly large small birds.

This picture was taken from much closer, 25 feet, my feet are slightly above the small birds head. The camera is 4 feet above it on my trip-pod which I use while on the deck. If I were to take photos of the small birds from any distance I end up with a black blob. Small birds such as this max 40 feet, 9-11 inch birds 60 feet max, large birds such as Egrets 160 yards maximum distance. Photos taken from further distances are typically deleted, I won’t use them for demonstration purposes as well.

I will continue to add to the small bird gallery, when taking their images every component of photography is amplified. Lighting, distance, and composition all must be just right or the image will be under/over exposed making editing pretty much fruitless. On occasion I get a bit lost on editing by attempting to “fix” an exposure problem, I am getting better at deleting them before I begin to attempt that rescue attempt; it just isn’t worth the time.

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