i use a Prop

I take a lot of pictures with a prop that I recently discovered I use nearly daily.

The pylon pictured above is an attraction to every bird on the Slough, and it is the perfect distance from my camera. I use it after setting up to check the cameras settings. I know for certain that soon a bird will land then take off from it.

Smaller birds play the Clown Car game attempting Guinness records on how many are able to fit on it. They are attracted to it as well, a bird will sometimes perch for a long while. That makes photographing one taking off drudgery.

Night Herons frequent the pylon as well, he is another long period percher sometimes staying until after dark. The prop has a nice background making up of the Slough and green Tules. This picture was taken early one morning while the sun had just appeared.

By far the most common bird is the SeaGull, I take a lot of images of them. Because they perch for long periods of time it allows me to use various camera settings on the same bird. I then compare them for detail, background noise and color.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all of the SeaGull pictures I have, at some point I will delete most of them.

I’m fortunate to have that old pylon close to me. I find it in many of my images as the one above; it’s very versatile.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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