Back grounds and dark birds.

The changing weather conditions affects the lighting drastically while I’m attempting to capture photos of birds in the air. I’m practicing following them flying from all directions, I am aware that the images I take will all be deleted. I take the photos then check them to see how well focused they are. During the process everyone of those taken against the blue sky were grossly under-exposed.

Too dark for practical use when taken against the sky while on another tack when against a full backdrop such as above the images are saved. I captured images of Crows, Vultures and a big Hawk against the lighted background.

A white bird against the dark background is the preferred scene. But that’s only until the sun bears on them directly that presents its own set of issues. I have learned not to photograph them fully lighted up.

The Great Blue Heron perched on the dock in the picture above is difficult to see. It’s not like my scooter goes fast by any means, the Heron blends into the messy dock nearly perfectly. this is a good image however it needs cropping to make sense of. This is a good example of a background that is so messy it draws the observers attention directly to it. There is only one solution to repair it. Cropping.

It remains cluttered out of control but after the excessive cropping the subject catches the viewers eye making it a good photo for my blog. However the old Heron has background issues as well.

The image above was taken during the morning while the Sun was on the rise. There are times during the day when the color of the Tules match the Blue Heron making it difficult to see the large bird. From a distance, I’m over 175 yards from this guy, they are hidden no matter the color of the weeds.

So what’s to do about this stuff, as usual I have a plan. I’m not taking any more shots against the plain blue or grey sky unless it’s a once in a while opportunity.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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