On manual mode.

Being a novice in photography it’s not hard to imagine the journey is filled with periods of discovery. I find or figure something out that’s new to me daily; you tube is a gold mine for answers. The only issue is one must know a few keywords of what they (me) are looking for.

I decided to use the Manual mode, I have a desire to control the shutter speed, ISO and f-stop. While I was fiddling with it to set it up to capture birds in flight I found it doesn’t have to be 100% manual. After establishing the settings I had forgotten to take it off of “Auto focus” and failed to flip the switch on the lens.

I began to take photographs to check if it works on manual/auto focus, the short answer is that it does. After the first few with the image being coal black, I reasoned that it doesn’t work that way and I just didn’t understand.

I didn’t understand the set-up I only knew what I wanted it to do; and it will. I had hit a different brain speed bump, I don’t understand the built in light meter the camera has. It was set wrong, being part of my learning curve I must go back to the manual to understand it.

I purchased a new camera in June, I’ve been looking at them for over a year when I finally chose one. I had been using a 20 year old Canon Rebel so any new model would be like entering a different dimension. It is, my first rule of everything is to understand every aspect of a newly purchased product. The new cameras do everything from cataloging all photographs to taking documentary suitable videos. It is absolutely essential to know every detail of a camera for it be an asset versus a chore. It truly is a lot of fun.

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